We’re currently hiring. Puzzles don’t solve themselves and we have quite a number of puzzles that need solving. The lightning talk in the youtube video covers the story we basically shared at a Golang meetup in Berlin today. Since I’m in NYC at the moment we had to stream or prerecord. You know we couldn’t put all of our faith in the internet, connections fail all the time, so a pre-recorded video it became.

The Berlin Golang meetup audience getting the short-story.

Currently we’re operating a Kubernetes cluster in AWS in which we deploy Docker containers, running a variety of services crafted in Python, Ruby, Go and some other tools of choice.

I will dedicate a new post to discuss some of the puzzles we’re solving but the video briefly scratches the surface of some of the puzzles that keeps us awake at nights or wakes us up in the mornings.

With a few massive projects in the pipeline we need to upscale our development efforts.

Challenge accepted?

Take a look at our job listings because as Yoda would have said: Love to have you on board, we do!

P.S.: I’m updating this post from a cab racing through Brooklyn at the moment… Someday it could be from a self-driving electric vehicle that is subscribed to our V2G system. #goals