First things first, my „Lupaka Gold” stock in one gif: Gumo Gumo nooo, Lupakaaa Rocketoo

On the contrary this blog is skyrocketing beyond the stratosphere and is distributed to all over the world! Naturally! It’s called internet…

But now again, be prepared for some more:

  • Achieved achievements
  • Stuffionary vision things
  • Real insight knowledge
  • And of course, all the other stuff really no one ever asked for


  • New Sales record for February – We almost tripled our last year’s sales volume!!11!

  • In real* numbers this means like (approx.) several millions* of sold products and something about 2.000* quadrubillion dollarz!
    This results in about 3.500* Chargers per altitude difference

    (Unit: [Chargers/m] “It is a great number!” -Trump)

    *Due to this Blogs *“top secret policy”*, these numbers show a minimal deviation from reality!

  • First complaints about Mr T.’s flashlight are coming in - by the district attorney!

    Some employees of the Airport Munich (MUC) were almost going blind and several airplanes missed the runway after T. pointed the flashlight out of “Power”…
    The facade of the building across the street has to be repainted and one of the cranes near “Werksviertel” partly melted and bend over!
    The crane operator cheated death only by chance…

    (“Why the heck is this an achievement” you ask? Well… use that light and you will know!

  • Thanks to our “green fairies” (J+T) TMH is making the world a better place not only by selling products, but by internal measures! Everyone can still learn a lot! Thanks guys! 😊

Stuffy things

  • #Corona is hitting the earth! Thereby also the almost invincible TMH is frowning and strengthens your individual responsibility! #GoBigorGoHome #RealityHitsYouHardBro

  • Let’s hit back and show Corona our very cold shoulder by just not getting sick! #ProTip #AlmostTooEasy

  • There will probably be a guest columnist featuring soon, right here! Yeah

Insight knowledge

  • Customers love the ChargePilot and we are getting great feedback for the functionality and the UI!

  • We should definitely work on making it even more stable and start rolling it out to the whole world!
    You all know the saying: “When life gives you lemons, you take the juice and charge cars!” You know… or the Tequila thing…

Frequently Asked Questions - no one ever asked for (FAQnoeaf)

  • Is it really necessary to buy a charger? Can’t I just plug my car to one of the other cars, just standing around for free? Thereby they charge each other, right?

  • How about driving my electric car up the “Zugspitze” and let it recuperate all the way down? Why should I ever charge my car, when getting free energy out of the nature?

  • Stopping global warming can be so easy, duuuh! Why not just put those windmills in the Atlantic, in the middle of the gulf stream? The wind they produce would easily keep the stream running?! So simple! Politicians and their ignorance…

Quote of the week

“Without a customer, you don’t have a business – all you have is a hobby.” -_Don Peppers_